Thursday, February 25, 2010

a return to quilting

I used to dabble a bit in quilting in the early years of our marriage. The least quilt I made was seven years ago. It was a baby quilt for Christian. When Christian came home the sewing supplies were put away, except for occasional repairs.
I have been kicking the idea of sewing quilts for each of the boys for their birthdays this year.
I saw a blog post about a Spring Quilt a Long. I decided that this would be a good way to get back into quilting. The quilt pattern is simple and the instructions thorough. I am borrowing my mother's sewing machine and yesterday, I bought a free-motion foot for doing maching quilting. Learning to do machine quilting is going to take a bit, but since we will keep this quilt it can have flaws and no one will care.
Since I have the sewing machine here, I also have many other sewing projects stewing in my brain and a basket full of fabric.

finished bag

I logged on to the blog to write about a different project and realized I never posted a photo of the the finished knitting bag. I finished it several weeks ago and have been using it often. I want to sew a messenger bag next.