Thursday, December 3, 2009

What I've been working on

Christmas is quickly approaching and I am relieved that the speed which I knit is also increasing. I have been very busy. I have a pair of socks knit for Christian finished. (pictured here) I am ready to start the gusset on the second sock in the same yarns for Liam. I hope to finish that tonight while I watch TV.

I made the bath-mitts last week. They only take a couple hours to knit. I used yarn I bought at Goodwill and buttons I purchased at an estate sale. I love buttons and will looking for more a garage and estate sales.

I also tried my hand at making my own knitting needles. I took dowels and sharpened the end with a pencil sharpener. I sanded them down a bit, rubbed them with lavander oil and then took self drying clay and made the tops. I used some craft paint to decorate. David helped by sawing the dowels down so the needles were not to long. I got the ideas for the needles and bath mitt from the book Kids Knitting by Melanie Falick. This is the same book that I got the instructions for dying yarn with Kool-aid> I originally checked the book out so the boys could use it for inspiration and learning to knit, but I find that it is a great resource for me too.
My last project is a spinning project in the making. When I first bought my drop spindle, I send a message to a friend on Facebook who has sheep and asked her if she might have any wool. She replied that she had some. I figured some meant a grocery bag of fleece. We drove out to her place Saturday and by "some" she meant the complete fleeces of two sheep. The fleece is fresh off the sheep (from June). I get to work with it from off the sheep to hopefully yarn. Currently, I am in the washing phase. I have exchanged e-mails with a sheep farmer I met on Craigslist and have also been seeking help from some spinning groups on Ravelry. It looks like washing the wool once in Tide and then a second time in Dawn to get the lanolin off is a winning combo. I have barely dented the first bag and I already have so much wool. I will buy a carder over the next few weeks and start making roving out of the wool. Stay tuned.

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