Sunday, November 22, 2009

a bunny and a dream come true

I have wanted an angora rabbit since I first learned they existed when I was a child. I had a couple pet rabbits growing up and enjoyed them, but always dreamed of getting an angora. I also loved nothing more than a sweater, hat or scarf made from angora.
Last spring I went to a 4-H event and saw some angoras there. I was just learning to knit at the time and I got the idea that I would like to learn to spin. I looked up some information on angoras and found that professional breeders charge quite a bit. I put the dream on the back burner and thought that maybe I could find someone in 4-H who might breed them and sell them for less. I figured, I would have to wait a year or two.
Yesturday, a message arrived from one of the Yahoo groups I subscribe to and a woman had some angora rabbits, she wanted to give them away free to someone learning to spin or a family with young kids. We qualify in both catagories, so I sent her an e-mail. Today after church we drove up to Vancouver to pick this cutie up.
She has to be combed often and I can add her fur to roving that I spin now and in about two months, she her fur will be long enough to using for spinning on its own.

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