Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Welcome to my new blog! I have decided that over the next year, I will try not to make new purchases, but instead try to make items myself, pick things up second-hand or repurpose old items. I decided to blog about this journey.
I have a freshly completed project start out with. I started taking ballet again about a year and a half ago. When the cold weather came, I realized I needed leg warmers. I don't really like the warmers they sell at dance stores. They usually only come in black and pink and often use synthetic fiber. I had a pair of purple leg warmers in junior high and I wished I could click my heels together, go back in time and retieve them. I also started learning how to knit last spring. Since I don't have access to a time machine, I decided that knitting leg warmers would be the next best thing. My friend Denise is teaching a couple friend and I how to knit socks. This gave me all the skills I needed for leg warmers. I chose Stroll Tweek Sock Yarn from www.knitpicks.com
to make them. I used size 6 circular needles to knit them. I am a tight (kind of an understatement) knitter, so I often have to go up a size or two when I knit. I did 20 rows of ribbing (two knit, two purl), 66 rows of plain knitting and then another 20 rows of ribbing. To get the number of stitches for casting on, measure your calf, knit a swatch and gauge it. Multiply your gauge per inch with the diameter of the calf.

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  1. wow, the leg warmers turned out GREAT! The concept for your blog is so cool. I'm going to subscribe in my reader and look at all your homemade goodness!